Congrats Garry "The Lion Killer" Tonon for pushing through his bracket with 4 finishes at the inaugural Eddie Bravo Invitational this past weekend in California. It was very exciting to see what becomes of this sub-only tournament.

We are currently in talks to create an East Coast (NYC centric) sub-only tournament. Please let us know what your thoughts are on this, and any suggestions on desired weight classes, location, rules etc. The world is our oyster.

As always, all questions directed to @jeffreyschu & @garrytonon on Instagram.

For now, check out a couple shots of the leglock fun that goes on at Renzos in Manhattan.

Here is the interview with Garry Tonon on the upcoming EBI Eddie Bravo Invitational. See what he says about the current state of Sub-Only tournaments. What do you guys think of this style, do you think it will help BJJ grow?

Follow his quest to win 100k = 4 submissions with the opportunity to win an extra 20k with all overtime wins...I wouldn't put it past him!

You can connect with Garry on IG @GarryTonon and his Fan Page at Garry "The Lion Killer" Tonon. Lets help our East Coast fighters build a name as they go west to compete with the best nogi submission grapplers. 

Any questions, please direct them to me @jeffreyschu (instagram) Is Sub-Only the way of the future?

Interview w/ Renzo Gracie - UFC Brasil

UFC Brasil finally released this piece that we shot a month ago. This is definitely another reason to learn Portuguese is so I can understand all Renzo's stories. I think we covered Metamoris, the new season of The Ultimate Fighter and stories about Sapo.

Olympic Level Competition Training - Pedro's Judo

Here is a VERY short look into a competition training session at Pedro's Judo in Wakefield, MA. Sorting through the footage of our project with Travis Stevens. Stay tuned for more clips as a surprise interview with one of Travis's BJJ instructors. Who do you think it is? Stay tuned.

Follow on Instagram @judosilencer & @jeffreyschu for updates.

UFC 172 - First live show w/ UFC Brasil

What a crazy experience last night was covering my first UFC event. They really are the most organized and surprisingly friendly organization. Everyone in the media room were incredibly relaxed and focused. I tried not to take too many photos for myself, trying to meet shot lists for UFC Brazil. 

Hopefully this the beginning of much more! Thanks for cheering me on - friends back in NYC.

Here are a few screenshots and behind the scenes shots. Amanda Salvato is the next big thing for insider view into UFC fighters. Check her on Instagram @amandasalvato and myself at @jeffreyschu.


Taka Ishikawa - Fighter Profile

Taka is fighting Friday night (April 25th 7PM) on the @victorycombatsports card at Terminal 5. Here is a small look into his fight camp. Make sure you don't miss out, and get your tickets asap. 

Thanks Taka, Daisuke, Joe and numerous training partners for letting me into document the chaos. 

Rest of the album is on Any questions, leads, shoot me a note on Instagram @jeffreyschu